Business & Internet Consultancy

With more than 20 years working with the bleeding edge of the Internet and IT, we've learned a thing or two about data, security, software and their optimum application to all types and sizes of business! Our consultancy services brings this experience within your reach. We are committed to accelerating and optimising small business.

Direct & Lead

The role of a consulting director (non-executive or otherwise) is to bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct.

Our failures and successes with technology help bolster and accelerate the quality of decision making for business of any type.


Identifying opportunities for business optimisation through technology is typically straight forward, but helping steer a business and implementing those opportunities is where many fall short.

Our holistic approach to optimisation includes: identification > map > analyse > re-engineer > implement > monitor > continually improve > repeat.


Decades of constant exposure to both sides of information and physical security means we are ideally positioned to consult on how to best secure data, people, premises and property.

With an end-to-end understanding of networks, compute, applications, infrastructure and business we can offer you unique insights on risk and probable attack vectors.


We've been developing web applications and managing the infrastructure which runs them since 1998. While our experience is long our skills are recent and constantly under redevelopment.

It's rare for us to develop applications for third parties, we're usually too busy project managing the demands and needs between developers and business. We can minimise time-to-market, minimising cost and risk, while optimising quality and performance, influincing all parts of your SDLC.


We have had the great pleasure to assist many startups and small businesses grow into profitable enterprises, many of which have gone on to merge or be purchased by larger business and PLC.

The ability to scale a business through technology should be a foremost consideration throughout your growth lifecycle. Our understanding of people and process management through the use of open source and SaaS can help save years.


Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Virtualisation, Micro-service, Container, Server Room, Data Centre or Closet; we've experience with all types of infrastructure and applying the right-size to the right project.

Architecting and designing the perfect balance, migrating applications and maintaining for performance and availability are all roles we can bring expert focus to.