Commercial & Residential Lettings

Taking care of our properties and their maintenance, makes for a happy tenant.
Happy tenants care for your properties and pay their rent, which makes for a happy landlord.
We firmly believe tenant and landlord should be a symbiotic partnership each works for the benefit of the other.


"What goes around comes around" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Honesty and fairness are core values we apply to everything we do.

We treat you as our tenant, as we expect you to treat us.


We would not ask anyone to live in a property that we would not be willing to do so ourselves. While reactive maintenance is available around the clock, we take every opportunity for proactive maintenance.

Our rental properties are maintained to the same or a better standard than our own homes.


All should have access to modern living and associated technology, but make their own choices on its use.

Our lettings are all modernised with combination water and heating, high speed Internet, 18th edition wiring, LED lighting, and maximal EPC compliance.


We've got decades of experience at being both tenants and landlords, learning from both the best and worst of letting agents.

While letting agents have their place, we think a direct relationship with our tenants helps ensure their needs are met with the minimum of delay or overheads.


We've been delivering high quality lettings in Sheffield without fail since 2013. Our messaging services and telephone are available 24 hours a day and we typically respond on-site within an hour.

We only work with tradespeople we trust and use the same electricians, joiners and plumbers on our rental properties as our own homes.


It shouldn't need to be said, but we're not some fly-by-night dodgy dealing landlord who doesn't take their responsibilities seriously or only focuses on profit!

We take responsibility for our properties, their maintenance, our tenants, their happiness and welfare. Our tenant testimonials below speak for themselves.

Lettings Testimonials